Our Cheeses

Francis Bigot

​​​​​​​Francis Bigot is our dairyman here in Murbo. Francis comes from France and has worked with cheese making in both France and Switzerland and now most recently for several years in New Zealand. Francis is award-winning, experienced and skilled craftsman, and with his help we are constantly developing our range of cheeses.

Koppslahyttans Underbara

White mold cheese
A mild and creamy Camembert-type white mold cheese. You can sense a note of mushroom in the taste.

Baggbo Blå

Mild blue cheese

A soft and creamy blue cheese. Cheese is mild in taste and has earthy notes. A good cheese for those who are to be introduced to blue cheese.

Frostbos Fina

Aged blue cheese
In 2019, the cheese won a bronze medal in the Swedish Crafts Championship.
A blue cheese with a lot of character where you can sense notes of hay. It has a buttery, firm and deep taste. The cheese is stronger than our Baggbo Blue and aged for at least 4 months.

Annas Röda

Aged hard cheese

A compact hard cheese of the Swedish type. The Swedish cheese has fewer holes than the Swiss (Ängarnas Under)
​​​​​​​The cheese is stored for at least 1 year.

Ängarnas Under

Swiss type hard cheese

The wonder of the meadows won Bronze in Mathantverks SM 2023.
​​​​​​​The cheese is a hard Swiss-type cheese made in the traditional way. It has a nutty taste and firm texture. The cheese is aged for at least 10 months.

Halvars Härliga

Cream Cheese
​​​​​​​Halvars Härliga is a fresh cream cheese with a velvety consistency with a surface of white mold.

Hinsbos Lycka

Salad Cheese

Salad cheese ​​​​​​​​A creamy and salty salad cheese that, after storage, is gently bathed in brine for five days.

Hembergs Himmelska

Putty cheese
Hembergs Himmelska won silver in
​​​​​​​World Cheese Awards 2023.

A soft, washed curd cheese with a distinct smell and taste of curd cheese. The cheese is very creamy and melts on the tongue.

Grilled Cheese

Grilled cheese
Salty and creamy grilled cheese available
in neutral taste and that gets a fine
​​​​​​​consistency when you fry or grill it.

Gertruds Mjuka

A raclette cheese that is brushed with a bacterial culture every other day during the entire storage period so that it ripens and acquires flavor quickly. The cheese melts nicely and is suitable for example in a raclette iron.

Sellnäs Saliga

Cheddar cheese
This cheese won bronze in
World Cheese Awards 2023.

Sometime a year we release a number of "wheels" of our fantastic and award-winning cheddar cheese.
We can not offer Sellnäs Saliga right now (spring 2024) we will have a new batch for you at the end of the year.