Award winning products

​​​​​​​We are proud that several of our cheeses have received awards in both national and international competitions.

Silver and bronze for Murboannas in the World Cheese Awards 2023

The World Cheese Awards is the world's largest competition for artisanal cheeses. Over 4,000 cheeses participated in the competition in 2023. The award-winning cheeses are the kit cheese Hembergs Himmelska, which won a silver medal, and our cheddar Sellnäs Saliga, which received a bronze.

Bronze medal for Ängarnas Under in Swedish Championhips in Foodcraft 2023

Swedish Championships in foodcraft is a competition for producers from all over the Nordics who refine their products in a small-scale and artisanal way, and this year there was a record number of participants.
The quality of the products that are sent in is very high and with each passing year the competition gets tougher. Therefore, it is extra fun that Francis and Mats received a bronze medal for our very first hard cheese, just half a point from the Silver medal.

Silver medal for Gertruds Mjuka in SM in Mathantverk 2021

SM in Mathantverk was decided in 2021 in Östersund. SM i Mathantverk is open to producers in Sweden who refine their products in a small-scale and artisanal manner.
The review reads as follows:
Gertruds Mjuka - Elegant cheese with a nice shape, with a balanced taste with fine nuances of butter and fruitiness as well as fresh acidity.